I am a self-taught mom and also a preschool teacher’s aide who one afternoon decided to make fire truck cookies for my son’s birthday party at preschool the next day.  I had always loved cookies with royal icing because they are just so beautiful and yummy, so I gave it a try.

I studied techniques online and after plenty of trial and error, I was able to produce a decent fire truck cookie.  I brought in the cookies that didn’t make the cut  for my fellow teachers and they raved at how good they tasted! They said my cookies rivaled a  prominent bakery in town - what a compliment!  

I decided I would keep practicing to perfect my technique. I made cookies for family and friends, which got the word out. In a rather short time frame, a small business sprouted, which has been a fabulous creative outlet for me and a great way to supplement our family income.  

Thanks to the support of my family and friends, Laura's Custom Cookies was born.  They, along with all my wonderful customers to date, think they are absolutely delicious. I just know you will too - guaranteed!